FLAC tagging field name "Publisher" (Organization)

I have configured my MP3Tag to show my "extended tag" view to include Publisher, which I saw was available from the extended tag choice list. Everything seems fine and I have processed at least 400 of my 1200 CDs with FLAC and have put the CD Label in the Publisher field via MP3Tag.

For J River Media Player and Foobar, that shows up fine. But in my best Music manager, MUSO, specializing in Classical collections, I'm told there is no real Publisher field. I'm told that my values put in the Publisher field are really going into the FLAC Vorbis comments of "Organization". I also noticed that Organization is not even an available Tag field in MP3Tag. Is this correct?

I'm stopping my MASSIVE project until I know I'm doing this right, someone please help me here.

I'm using these extended fields for my classical collection:

Publisher - for the CD label such as EMI, Sony, DG, etc (should I use Organization??)
Soloists - for the special artist on that CD such as Yo-Yo Ma, or other concerto artists
Orchestra - The orchestra or Ensemble (symphony group). I see others use Band.

I set up a MP3Tag function to duplicate Artist, Album Artist and Composer to the same value. For Example: Mahler, Gustav.

I have a very good Classical tagging format that I want to share one day with others that balances: good for most devices and still can look up by composer, conductor, orchestra, label, etc., without the massive over-kill of the hard-core classical proposed formats. They are completely ridiculous for all but the seriously obsessed.

My only concern is the FLAC tagging metadata fields. Obviously I know that Vorbis is open to fieldname=value, but I want guideline that is best for all.

I am NOT concerned at all with MP3 tagging, as that is a whole subject in itself.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!

Yes, the field PUBLISHER actually reads and writes the field ORGANIZATION in files tagged with Vorbis Comments. There are a small handful of tag mappings (three) for Vorbis Comments that are not documented. To see them, go to Tools > Options > Tags > Mapping.

I wouldn't touch the two mappings of TRACK to TRACKNUMBER and YEAR to DATE, but you could probably delete the PUBLISHER to ORGANIZATION mapping from the table. Then, when you write PUBLISHER you'll actually be working with a field having the same name.

As for whether that will work with MUSO (or your other music applications), you'll just have to try it. I wouldn't be surprised if one application expects the data in ORGANIZATION and another in PUBLISHER. To work around that you may have to write the data to both fields.

JJ, I sure appreciate that and it makes sense. I'll post a replay later, thanks much!!!!