FLAC tags missing in W10 after adding album art

When I export the tags of FLAC files after adding album art, the tags no longer show up in the Windows 10 File Explorer's "Details" view.

Possibly related, Spotify refuses to read the same files after adding album art via MP3Tag.

Is there perhaps something I'm doing wrong?

see e.g. here:

I'm confused. Are you offering a solution in the thread linked within the thread you just referenced (cutting/pasting tags, which didn't work), or simply saying "This is a Windows bug, it can't be fixed?"

Either way, there's still the issue of Spotify refusing to play any modified songs, which neither the topic you linked nor the one linked within that topic even mentioned.

Yes, that may be one explanation for the observed behaviour.
In respect to other players: I honestly don't know whether similar restrictions apply. You could test the files with other players like e.g. Foobar2000 and see if you are still not satisfied with the files after tagging.

@Florian We also had this issue in Picard. It indeed seems to be that Windows only looks at the first portion of the file to read the tags, if it does not find them there it does not display tags. The solution I went for with Picard is to ensure that the metadata block is always written before the picture block. That might be something that could be handled by MP3Tag as well.

See https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD-1630 for details.

Just to be clear: This is a Windows bug, not a bug in MP3Tag or any other tagger. But it is possible to write the tags in a way that circumvents the issue.

Also just to emphasize how weird Windows can be I quote myself from the ticket:

Another interesting fun fact: Even if the Explorer is unable to display such metadata, it will cleanly write the data if you edit it in the details view. Explorer itself is afterwards still unable to read the data it just wrote, but other tools (e.g. Picard) will correctly display it. Windows is strange.


@phw Many thanks for pointing! I was already doing this for new tags, but didn't reorder the metadata blocks for files with existing metadata.

Starting with Mp3tag v3.07b, the VorbisComment metadata block is now always written before the Picture metadata block.

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