flac tags

Hi all,

I am new to tagging. I wanna tag my 100GB flac collection. Just want to know what Tag options to check in mp3tag. Does flac support ID3V2 tags? I don't wanna corrupt my collection.



There are no options for flac files since there is only one native tag format for flac.

Looks like I corrupted some of my flacs using mp3tag. I mean, I must have checked some options somewhere and now some of my flacs won't decode properly...help


Sorry, but there are no options for FLAC in Mp3tag - just reading and writing of tags.

Hello Florian,

How do I ensure that FLACs are written with the right tags? What should I enable/disable in the 'Options>Tags' frame?

By the way, mp3tag is a nice tool, by far the cleanest tagging tool I have seen. I can see that it is evolving. Keep up the good work.


FLAC just supports just one kind of tags (Vorbis Comment). So you don't need to worry about anything. Mp3tag does it automatically.

Will forcing ID3V2 tags with album art on Flacs corrupt them? Looks like that's what happened here. I used musicbrainz and amazon to tag my flacs with art work, and next thing I know dbpoweramp shows decoder errors. Would have had a heart attack if not for backups!

Whatever you select and do within Mp3tag, FLAC never gets an ID3v2 tag. You must have added the ID3v2 tag with another program.

Umm...not really. I found mp3tag after an exhaustive search and started using it since reviews were good. I actually saved artwork info in the tags. Maybe that caused the corruption. Read somewhere that FLAC does not support ID3V2 and artwork. I am not blaming mp3tag, but as I said in my first post I am a noob and I could be wrong! I am gonna use mp3tag from now on though. Thanks a ton for your replies Sebastian. They sure helped clear up some doubts about this program.

You fail to understand that Mp3tag is incapabile of writing ID3v2 tags inside FLAC files. Since a late development build of 3.27, Mp3tag can write cover arts into FLAC tags, but Vorbis Comments are used not ID3v2. However, no data corruption should occur.

I got your point. Thank you.