Flac Tags

I don't know much about tags.
I am now ripping and d/l FLAC music.

When I rip a CD with EAC (Exact Audio Copy)using AutoFlac script, the flac files and the resulting tags are read by WMP (Windows Media Player, using the flac plug-in and settings). I can see the embed tag info. (I am using WMP because that is what my family are familiar with).

When I D/l a Flac music file, usually the tags are not embeded, all I have is the file name, plus cue sheet in some cases. When loaded in WMP, WMP reads only the file name. Thus I use MP3tag to d/l the tags from FreeDB. BUT, when I load the newly tagged D/LFlac file into WMP the new MP3tags are NOT being read. However if I load the same Flac file into Winamp, the mp3tag created tags are correctly read.

So why does WMP read the tags created with EAC/autoflac from Ripped CDs, but not read the tags created with mp3tag? Am I doing something wrong?

To use WMP for Flac I followed this guide:
http://www.losslessaudioblog.com/wmpmce-lossless-guide/ +http://www.illiminable.com/ogg/


yeah I noticed this the other day.... ripped an album to FLAC using EAC and it correctly tagged the files... I later realised the album name was spelt incorrectly so tried to use mp3tag to alter it... For some reason it double tagged every file (one with the wrong spelling another with the correct) if I clicked on save tags again it would triple/quadruple tag the files.... but never allow me to change the original album title.... not notice this behaviour before... any ideas ? Thanks in advance

Here's a screenshot to give you some idea of what's going on....

Just thought I'd post to say I removed the FLAC metadata completely (using metaflac) and retagged with MP3tag and things seem ok so mayhap I somehow had corrupt tags to begin with... If this is the case... sorry...

I also followed http://www.losslessaudioblog.com/wmpmce-lossless-guide/ and have the exact same problem here.

WMP does recognise FLAC tags and play FLAC files but if I add metadata to a FLAC file using Mp3tag it's not being recognised by WMP11.

It's also impossible to modify metadata that's already present. If I rename a title it just keeps reverting back.

Does anyone have an explanation for this??