Flac version 1.4.x and tags

as is turns out, with version 1.4.x of flac if will flag the flac file to be in error if it contains a ID3v2 tag --- is there anyway that mp3tag can find and edit them out?

you could filter for files with
%_tag% HAS ID3 AND %_tag% HAS flac

Then you cut and paste the tags. This will leave only the vorbis comments in the FLAC files.

I am not sure where / how to use

%_tag% HAS ID3 AND %_tag% HAS flac

flac files were created with EAC, when I view then with mp3tag, the column “tag” has the value


When I checked the forums for EAC I was told to “uncheck” the ID3 flag, and when I did that the file now just have


in the tag column. The also noted in the comment at eac forum that mp3tag can remove the ID3 tag, but did not say how — any pointers would be appreciated


it seems that this is a known issue --- I found that ctrl-x / ctrl-v works --- thanks for the info

WHich is what I tried to describe with

See the documentation:

And on the problem in general:

thanks again --- just one curious question -- does the 64bit version now allow the cut/past to also "past" the cover art back to the files?

have you tried it? That would be the fastest way to find out.

yes I did and found the cover art back in the tracks after the past ---- there was an old post about this issue --- thanks again

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