Flag post lacks "Report A Typing Error" option


I would like to suggest adding one more entry in that menu that show up when we click the flag icon at the bottom of posts- but maybe only for the old ones?

I do not know after what amount of time, but [at least mine] posts are closed for me for editing- I can only do that for recent ones. And I often look at my old posts when searching for a proper link to be inserted in some contemporary / new thread. And sometimes I spot a typo that I have made a long time ago. And so every time I do so, if I want it to be corrected I need to flag it with the Something Else option- and hen describe what it is that should be taken care off

So how about there was one more option: Report A Typing Error? And below it two windows would appear, one for inserting a copied text with the error and a second one with a place where a corrected text would have to be put? The system should of course not allow for sending of a message if both of the fields would not be filled with data and when both fields would be filled with the same data

This new Report A Typing Error option could be absent when editing of a given post is not yet disabled [and so a logged user can make a correction]. Or the other way around: it should be present always and available for every user, because we all can spot some obvious typos in posts of other users. But in that case, maybe the forum system should inform the creator of such post that a change has been made, so that the user in question can check if that correction was really necessary [that it was a genuine case of a typo and not just some misunderstanding]


Currently, posts can be edited for 60 days, after that all your typos belong to you. It's simply too time-consuming to go over all the typos you're reporting and I encourage you to use some kind of proof-reading software before posting.

If you're spotting a formatting error that's most likely cause by the forum migration, I'm happy to correct those — especially if the formatting error cause the semantics of the post to change (e.g., for regular expressions).


So it is a All Your Base Are Belong To Us 60 Days Policy

Unfortunately many of my "typos" are no rally typos but errors coming out from using a similarly sounding / looking word. English is not my native language and my brain seems to just glance over them

As for strictly formatting / migration errors- there are a lot of them, so that option that I have just proposed could be still implemented just for them. So it would be strictly Report A Formatting Error instead of Report A Typing Error


Just use "Something else" as reason when flagging a post with a formatting error and give a short description.

You can also simply write a PM and linking to the post (or multiple posts).