Flexible reordering of rows in the mp3tag "spreadsheet" view

It would be desirable to arbitrarily change the order of the rows in the mp3tag spreadsheet or "grid" view when preparing a collection of files for exporting as a *.csv file. The resulting *.csv file is to be subsequently imported into an on-line application used to report radio airplay to our station's website for real-time viewing and to the PROs (performer rights organizations) in order to comply with regulations.

Having created a collection of songs and instrumental tracks for a given radio program, it would be desirable to reorder the files in the sequential order in which they expected to be played.

I know I could do this by adding a "sequence" field, then numbering the rows in the desired order in which the files will be played, then sorting the rows using the sequence tag, then exporting the *.csv field and then deleting the sequence tag in the Extended Tag view.

That said, it would be desirable to be able to drag and drop the rows in the mp3tag grid view in an arbitrary order without having to deal with trying to number them and, if desired, reordering the rows again without having to delete any prior sequence numbers, renumbering them again and then resorting them yet another time. The row numbering method would be tedious, especially when last-minute additions or changes are desired.

Note: The files to be processed in this manner are found in a folder populated with copies of the actual files in the station's media library. For a two-hour show, the folder will comprise somewhere between 35 to 65 files in the FLAC file format. While only about 30 files will actually "fit" within the two-hour time frame, the extra files allow for last-minute change-of-mind while on the air.

In summary, I'm looking for a simple way to reorder the mp3tag rows in an easy, arbitrary manner so that the resulting *.csv file row sequence is the pre-planned order in which the files will be played to air on the radio. Dragging and dropping the rows in an arbitrary order seems to be the ideal method.

Dennis, aka "d2b"

isn't this feature already there?
You can arrange the entries in the files list by drag & drop and pressing the Alt key at the same time.
To get this order into a report, use
as looping statement (and not the often suggested %_filename%)
This should get the list as it is into an export without the need to create or delete any additional fields.