Flush discnumber if and only if is 1/1 01/01 01/1 1/01

Hello I would remove disencumber metadata for every item who have only one disc

I tried

$if($eql(%DISCNUMBER%,1/1),,%DISCNUMBER%) and $if($eql($len(%discnumber%),1),,%discnumber%)

but it does not work, also it create a space, i would have 0 byte of data on this field in this case,

thank you for your assistance

You could try an action of the type "Format value"
Format string:$replace(%discnumber%,01/01,,01/1,,1/01,,1/1,)
I see problems, though for files that are disc number 01 of 10 (11, 12 etc) as "01/1" matches that. The same problem arises for 1/1.

Thank you, this recommandation only replace 1/1 by 1, my problem is that I don't want a discncumber If there is only one disc then written 1/1 OR 01/01 OR 1 OR 1/01 OR 01/1, I need two actions ?

I corrected my original post and removed the typo - could you check again, please?

Perfect :slight_smile: :ok_hand: , really good