folder browser question and feature request

I've been using mp3tag for awhile now and I'm mostly used to the way it does things. In redoing the way I organize my mp3's, I've been loving mp3tag's ability to automagically generate playlists.

I'm confused by something in the "Browse For Folder" file selector: What is the "Subdirectories" check box supposed to do? On my XP system, it doesn't seem to do anything at all.

I have a couple of feature requests related to this selector box:

  1. It would be fantastic if the directory tree would focus on mouseover, so you could scroll the tree without first clicking the window to activate it.
  2. Would it be possible to reposition the active directory so that it's not at the bottom of the window? If it were centered, for instance, it would be much easier to view the current directory in context of everything else in the file tree, instead of having to scroll to see what's beneath it.


It's written in the help. It tells Mp3tag to load files from subfolders as well.

When the dialog appears, it already has focus on my system.

Wherever it is in the help file, it didn't jump out when I looked, so I appreciate the explanation.

On my system, when the box opens, the current directory is selected -- though it's greyed out -- and the OK button has focus.

Is this a bug?


This is a Windows dialog that has different behaviour on the different incarnations of Windows (and it has been improved with Vista).

So it's not possible for mp3tag to focus the directory tree instead of the button?

Did you have any thoughts on the issue of positioning the active directory in the window?