Folder change detection for action

Hi there,

looking for a way to detect a change of folder,
to place in the formula of an 'action'.

in fact, the same trigger as

Auto-numbering wizard

for instance :
creation of a Discnumber : constant while in the same folder, increasing +1 when changing folder.

There is currently no such function.
MP3tag does not compare the data between files.

Thanks ohrenkino,

you mean that the trigger of the "auto-numbering wizard" is kind of hard coded and there is no way to use it elsewhere ?

This is not very important, coz I can export to excel/NP++ and re-import it.
just wondering if this trigger cannot be easily shared in the 'action' formula.

Thanks again !

as I said ... MP3tag does not compare data between files when running actions.

The question is whether you really need to export the data.
You could ...

  • copy the original track number to a user-defined field,
  • use the track numbering wizard as preparation for the other actions
  • run the other actions that use the new number (now in the field TRACK)
  • copy the original track number back to TRACK
  • delete the user-defined field.

Thanks ohrenkino,

Thought about sthg similar, however, this suggestion can only work with the first track of an album,
meaning after renumbering all tracks, you just keep 01 number track in list,
and by reusing the renumbering function,
assuming you have 1 folder / 1 disk, you get a incremental value of your disk for each folder.
it is not possible to automatically copy that value on each track of the folder after this.

on the other side, Mp3tag is the best tool ever made for tag management, and the function of export / import values creates infinite ways to get solutions.

Is the whole thing for renumbering discs?
The track numbering wizard got updated and now supports also discnumbering, trigger is the folder change.