Folder Directory

I'd like to know if it possible to fill the ALBUM field with the FOLDER directory name.....

c:\music\Michael Jackson 20 Top Songs

song 1
song3 ... and so on...

I want to have Michael jackson 20 top songs in the ALBUM field...
There are about 100 Folders with over 15 songs in every folder...
thanks very much for your help...!!!!

The secret is to use the file-system backslash separator.

Navigate to the folder \music
read all the files
select all the files that should undergo the following procedure:
Use the FUnction Converter:Filename -Tag
Enter a mask that looks like this:
This will transfer any data in front of the backslash into the tag-field Album and also create the tag dummy with all the rest of the filename.
Creating this tag dummy is only necessary if you have already filled the other tags like title and stuff as otherwise the existing tags would be overwritten.
After you have filled the album tags open the Extended Tags view (Alt-T) and delete the tag "dummy".
If you want to have your outher existing tags filled with data from the filename, then use a mask like

%album%\%track% - %title%
But you have to adapt that to your pattern. Fortunately, MP3tag gives you immediate feedback which data will end up in which field.

In this case you have multiple choices to do your work.

  • Do it manually. Using Mp3tag with cut and paste you will need about 10 to 20 minutes of concentrated hand work. :unsure: That is presumable not what you want.
  • Use Mp3tag "Convert Filename to Tag" feature. (I've never seen before this trick, newly introduced by user "ohrenkino" (see this thread). Convert | Filename - Tag | ALT+2

    Select format string

    Format string: song1.mp3

    album | Michael Jackson 20 Top Songs

  • Use Mp3tag "Action Format value" feature. Actiontype 5: Format tag field Field: ALBUM Formatstring: %_DIRECTORY%

Anyway ... good luck!