Folder Disc Automation

I am so confused. I am trying to set up my mp3 tag to do the following:

Make a folder:

Format value "_DIRECTORY": %artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%

Change the filename (and, if there are disc numbers, make a folder based on those values.):

Format value "_FILENAME": [Disc %discnumber%\]%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%[ - Disc %discnumber%] - %track% - %title%

If I select each one from the drop down box individually it does exactly what I want it to.

Folder structure I desire:

[Renames the folder.]
>Disc 1
>>Tracks of Disc 1
>Disc 2
>>Tracks of Disc 1

If I "play" all my selected actions... it breaks.

[Doesn't rename the folder.]
>Disc 1
>>Tracks of Disc 1
>>Tracks of Disc 1
>[No folder for disc 2 is created]

I also get this error.

I also have them in the same order I am manually clicking them:

If there are no discs, it works fine manually or by 'playing' the actions.

Sorry if this is confusing. Any help would be appreciated. I have been messing with it for about 3 hours now and I don't understand why it isn't working how I want it to. (And why manually clicking each one works? I am so baffled....)

EDIT: Okay so it worked fine for no discs for 3 albums but now for this one it is making a "Disc 0" .... I am so lost.

I think that the problem is that the actions go through the list file by file.
And as soon as you have treated the first file, the newly named folder exists and either the other files (which are moved along with the first file to the new folder) try to rename the relative folder again or they do not know anymore in which folder they are.

So I would try to use an absolute path and not a relative one.
Alternatively, you could create the folder structure first and then rename the folders.

Oh I see, that actually makes a lot of sense why that is happening. I guess it can't be helped then?

I wish there was an easier way to deal with actions then. Manually selecting them is weird and it always auto clicks ones I don't want. (Also I have too many so the drop down needs to scroll lol)

(Unless there is a better way to manage them that I don't know about.)

I gave you hints on alternative proceedings.
Perhaps you try that first?

I don't really see how I could use your advice for absolute paths though.... Unless you know of some way to set absolute paths and still have it save to many different paths. I mean.. maybe I am just misunderstanding but..... I don't know.

I have many different folders. My music isn't all lumped together.

Maybe I am mistaken, but if I use absolute paths, wouldn't I have to make 20+ different actions?

Also I don't want my files to be automatically moved to the folder they belong in. I would rather do that manually so I can double check for mistakes.

I think selecting actions manually can't be helped unless I really am missing something here.

I am going to try a few things though and see what I end up with I guess.

If you only rename the current directory, then this is referenced by a relative path.
I don't know anything about the way you structure your files.
But when you use MP3tag it is a good idea for best automation to get much information about folder structures out of the tags.

A good absolute path for music could look like:
e:\mymusic\%albumartist%\%year% - %album%\%albumartist%%album%$num(%track%,2)_%title%

You see that there quite a number of variables in it but you still get absolute filenames as the filename includes the full path plus the drive letter.

So if you first rename the folder then the next renaming of files with relative filenames will probably fail as after the first action the files cannot be found in the previously stored position. THis may be different, when the new path already exists and the file can be found there... just an idea.

Crap, you replied before I finished editing my last post:

Okay so I decided to try and make an inbox type folder and used this:

Z:\!mp3tag\\%artist%\\%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%\[Disc %discnumber%\]%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%[ - Disc %discnumber%] - %track% - %title%

If I use "_FILENAME" it makes a new folder, and doesn't delete the old one. Messy. Is there a way to force it to rename the old folder or delete it?

Before action:

After action (delete me is empty):

If I use "_DIRECTORY" it just... makes a mess and folders in folders in folders if I run the action more than once in order to fix a mistake.. so not what I want at all.

Like.. can both of these really work in the same action, or am I missing something again?

I am scared to edit because you are so fast haha, but rather how would I separate these so I only need to run the directory one once. If you look at my original post I had the disc action in the filename one... but if I move it to the directory one it doesn't work right for some reason. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Reason I run it more than once is to fix folder names and file names, but usually only as far as the album folders.

Also, what you said wouldn't work because I don't want all my files in one folder. Though I guess its similar to making an inbox like I am now. But I want music from games in one folder, music from TV shows in another. American music in one, Korean or Turkish in another. Etc.

If you have a settled folder structure where you have the folders in the right quantity only the names are not correct:
use the Format value action for _DIRECTORY

If you still want to create new folders (like for CDs) then use the Format value action for _FILENAME.

And still: you can rename a folder with an almost absolute name: just leave out the filename-part but the rest includes all the drive letters and superior folders.

Renaming a file moves the single file about - and may lead to empty folders.

I don't know much about your tags and how they are filled but such a long folder-structure with additional long filenames and even the tag %comment% in folder-structure and filename would definitey create too long paths including filenames and exceed the allowed limit of 255 characters in windows with a lot of my files.

I don't really understand this reply but anyway I am having more issues.

Absolute paths won't work. I just tried adding disc numbers to my tags and we are back at:


Disc 1

Disc 1 tracks
Disc 2 tracks
[no disc 2 folder]

Like.. I am back where I started.. I don't think absolute paths are going to work lol. Like what is going on why .... won't it work. I dunno.

It has never been an issue for me. If you are curious about the %comment% path, I use it to clarify what an album is (Korean music especially is notorious for non full album releases.):

Edit: Image was too big opps haha.

Edit 2: Also I checked what the longest string in my C.N Blue folder was and it was 132 characters.

What is it that you don't understand?

If you want to create a folder structure that caters for several CDs then you most likely do not have the folders in the right quantity, you have to create (more) folders, one for each CD.
This is achieved by renaming the _FILENAME.

If you rename _DIRECTORY, then the first treated file determines the folder name (which is probalby CD1)
As all the files in that folder container move along with the container even those that should end up in the folder for CD2 end up in folder CD1 which is now the folder that gets addressed by _DIRECTORY
That is why you get more cascaded folders.

Using an absolute path rules out the relative relation to whatever is considered as the (parent) folder of a file.

Out from the belly I would say that during the processing of an actiongroup after each single action the folder structure is definitely not read again.

Therefore an action which does rename a folder or move a folder should be placed as the last step within a group of actions.


I am still not understanding you... Like, it works fine until disc folders come into play, then it breaks. I don't know what you are saying. Can you give me an example?

And by your second paragraph I think this is what I already understood and replied to with:

But I am still not exactly sure.

I am using an absolute path and it is still not working? I am so confused as to what you are telling me. Is this not an absolute path? It doesn't work.

Z:\!mp3tag\\%artist%\\%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%\[Disc %discnumber%\]%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%[ - Disc %discnumber%] - %track% - %title%

Yea, I kind of got that from the other user who is trying to help me out.

I am having trouble figuring out a way to do this though, if it is even possible. Even when the disc action is last it wont work.

If I look at this format string:
Z:!mp3tag\%artist%\%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%[Disc %discnumber%]%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%[ - Disc %discnumber%] - %track% - %title%

then I am sure that it describes a filename.
I have not yet seen a format string that you use for renaming the folder
(it should be
Z:!mp3tag\%artist%\%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%[\Disc %discnumber%]\

If you rename a file then MP3tag looks only at this file and renames it.
This could lead to empty folders as MP3tag does not know whether there are further files in that folder.
So (again): if you want to create new folders then rename _FILENAME
If you want to rename existing folders so that you get either the same number of folders or less, then rename _DIRECTORY.

Ah........... Okay so we are talking about two separate issues. You were replying to me saying that it was leaving the folder behind, or making folders in folders. I see now. This isn't the main issue and I understand that much, I was more or less asking for a way to stop that from happening, but thank you for explaining! Sorry it took me so long to realize we were talking about separate issues!

I was saying that no matter what I do when I trying to make disc folders with the automatic actions button, (not the drop down,) that it still wont work. Even if I set an absolute path.

I have tried a wide combination of things with no luck, so I think it may just be a lot cause.

Oh and to add I have tried things like:

_DIRECTORY: Z:!mp3tag\%artist%\%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%[Disc %discnumber%]
(and i tried moving the \ around inside and outside of the []'s)

_FILENAME: %artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%[ - Disc %discnumber%] - %track% - %title%

_DIRECTORY: Z:!mp3tag\%artist%\%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%
(With and without the last )

_FILENAME: [Disc %discnumber%]%artist% - %year% - %comment% - %album%[ - Disc %discnumber%] - %track% - %title%

ETC. Not always as just one string. Too many variations to remember them all.

I am not sure that you do. Because the "leaving behind" may only happen if you rename the _FILENAME. It does not happen, if you rename _DRIECTORY.

Anyway: The basic rule is: if you have too few folders, rename the file first, including a path component if you like.
If you want to standardize the folder names (and even join folders) rename _DIRECTORY.

Considering DetlevD's idea that renaming folders should always be separate step, I do not think that executing the 2 steps in separate actions is asking too much.
I mean: how often do you change the folder structure?

It happens with directories too. Remember:
Ordner erstellen und Dateien verschieben

I still have no idea what conversation you think is being had. I know that _FILENAME leaves a folder behind and _DIRECTORY doesn't. I even said, and showed, in screen caps. Telling me what they do isn't answering the question I was asking there, either, but never mind. Not important. I am sorry I even mentioned it. It has nothing to do with this topic.

If you don't think that executing the 2 steps in separate actions is too much to ask, why were you trying to force me into finding a solution in post #4, when in post #3 I tried to give up on finding one and decided to settle with using the drop down menu...

I mean, I appreciate you trying to help me, I really do, but I am at a loss of what you actually want from me with at this point.

The whole thing reminds me a lot of this thread from 2013:
The System cannot find the specified path.