folder.jpg setting request

Hi, I donated $10 and so have a little feature request. :slight_smile:

When I apply tags (Tag Sources / discogs-bla-bla, etc.), it opens a dialog window with tags review and save button for the cover. When I press it to save the cover, it offers to save folder.jpg, folder.gif and so on. Could you please add the ability to change default name of the image? I just like cover.jpg, cover.gif, etc., and every time I rename it manually.


Hi Igor,

thanks again for your support!

Please see the new option Default file name for cover art at Options > Tags in the current Development Build.

Kind regards,

Sorry Florian, where exactly should I find this option? I can't find it... :astonished:

It's at Options > Tag Sources. Sorry for the confusion!

Excellent, thanks!