I am really just beginning to realise how powerful a tool MP3Tag is so many thanks to developers, testers etc. for a truly excellent piece of software!!!

All my album art is embedded into a variety of MP3, M4A and MP4 files and I wonder if it is possible to append Album Artist and Album (for example), to the Folder.jpg file and remove it to another directory? All of this using MP3Tag of course.

What I want to do is use MP3Tag to identify Folder.jpg and export it to say;

C:\Desktop\Artist\Album\folder (artist, album).jpg
or even
C:\Desktop\Artist\Album(artist, album).jpg

It occurred to me that something like this may be possible as an Action or Export, but the methodology is well outwith my capabilities and I have had a look at the Export capabilities.


Exporting cover art to files is only possible if the cover art is already stored in the file's tags using an action Export cover to file.

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Many thanks!

The music files are already tagged and have album art embedded. What I want to do, if possible, is to copy the album art tag, to another directory and have it stored as a jpg, which, instead of being called Folder.jpg. is actually called (artist-album).jpg

Perhaps I am not making myself clear, for which I apologise, but I really struggle with this "science"!


This is possible via an action Export cover to file
Format string for image filename: '('%artist%-%album%')'

Thanks Florian. Sorry to be so thick!!