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Not really sure what did it but every single album tag for my entire collection got changed to ArtistAlbum (SlipknotIowa, Jeff MillsThe Extremist, etc). My one chance at saving myself the time/trouble/humiliation of retagging about 2000 folders I just got done processing and tagging with Discogs via MP3Tag is going to be from using the naming of the directories the tracks of each album lie in. Each directory is titled as follows, and note the brackets are not part of the tagging command format.

[%catalognumber%] %albumartist% - %album%
....such as
[LINO 100] Regis - Blood Witness Versions

What do I need to do to extract and replace the current (botched) album tag using the current directory naming format?

Try Convert>Filename-Tag
String. %dummy% - %album%\%dummy%

Edit: are you on a Mac?
Then you have to adapt the separator for a directory accordingly.

I'm on mac indeed.

how do i do this but send the %catalognumber% field in the directory title to that tag, and the following field to album?

[%catalognumber%] %albumartist% - %album%/%dummy%

Thats the one!! Thanks much friend

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