Folder rename from id3 tag

Hi, I searched the forum but didn't find anything related to what I want to do.

I have a large library of mp3's filed like this:


What I'd like to do is rename the album folder using the year tag:

---Album1 (Year)
---Album2 (Year)

Is this possible using mp3tag?


You can do this with the convert-menue (Tag-Tag) or you can do it with an action (Format Value).

String: %album% (%year%)

Thanks for the reply, the action worked a treat.

Many thanks

How do you get _DIRECTORY into the field dropdown list, so it doesnt have to be typed in each time?

I think the list only contains real fields and no psedo-fields.
Anyway: if you use the same conventions again and again, it could be an idea to create an action of the type Format value. In that action dialogue, you find _DIRECTORY in the dropdown-list.

That works too! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: :music: