Folder rename

Hi There everybody,

Using Mp3Tag for a few days now, just love it and find it very handfull!...

But I'm missing a function I had with another tag tool : folder rename!
When I tag my music library, I would like to rename de folder as well ( I usually rename the folder with the year and album title)...

Any possibility to do that now or in the future?

Thx for the info!

The Future is Now!
Use an action of the type "Format tag field" for the field
For your preferred pattern use a mask like
%year% - %album%

A precondition is that you already have a separate folder for each album as this action really only renames the current folder.

If you want to rename the tracks so that they disappear in separate folders but currently all of them are stored in just one folder then use the function "Tag - Filename" first with a mask that looks like this:
.\%year% - %album%$num(%track%,3) - %artist% _ %album% _ %title%

(watch the dot at the beginning which tells the filesystem to start in the current directory and also watch the backslashes which separate the path and filename)


Yeaah, thank you... Should have know it was that easy! Thx for the fast answer!!!

Should be "format value" instead of "format tag field" which does not exist , at least on 2.46a

It seems that this is a translation problem based on the different naming of actions in german and english versions of Mp3tag.
Anyway, the Mp3tag actions should have nearly the same name in all languages, for example:
English: Format Tag-Field Value
German: Formatiere Tag-Feld Wert.