Folders not updating in version 3.07

I don't know why but folders are not showing up in the app.
I have tried to restart the app and nothing shows up

It looks to me like these are 2 different ways to get to the files/folders:
1: the direct path
2: via Favourites

A test could be that you copy the path from the top folder and paste it in the folder selection dialogue in MP3tag and then see what happens.
So: are you sure that you are looking in both dumps at the same original folder?

BTW: the dialogue is created by the OS, so it is none of MP3tag's doing. You would have to look locally why the Windows explorer behaves like that.

It is not clear to me what you want to tell with the 2 screenshots of 2 different folder-paths. What is where not showing up?

The second screenshot with less folders has an extra sub folder, so the comparison isn't one to one.