Folders organization - need you advise!

Hello everyone! I need your advise on how to organize my music folder!
Currently the folder is pretty messed up, lots of songs in lots of directories disorderly categorized.

I really wonder how to arrange it in a way it would both look nice and be easy to access to, but my problem is that I just listen to too many different artists, and I have only few songs of each artist and album. Organizing it by genre is also a problem because I don't have enough different genres to divide the files to, besides the fact that I was never good on identifying the song's genre.

What do you suggest? Thank you!

it depends - as always - on your personal preferences and customs.
In general it seems to be a good separation to create folder structures for files that have a different listening behaviour and/or a data structure on their own.
Typically, I think a folder with "artist", then album, then track is a good order.
Also the folder "Sampler" might be a good idea which only features the samplers and their tracks.

"Audio books", "audio plays" and "comedy" look more into the direction of a different listening behaviour as does "educational ware".
"classical" has a different data structure as you have various interpretations of the same pieces by one composer. So the separation "Artist/Album" is not satisfactory.

The named categories are the basic categories. Me, personally, do not think, that genre is a good separator as most artists fit into several genres. Genres are best dealt with by the player.

And in my opinion, having proper and complete tags is even more important than folder organization. Of course, it is best to have good tags AND good folder organization. But with good tags, you can always create any folder organization you want (with mp3tag for example).

I agree completely - I would even go so far to say that filenames and folders are void as a decent player only relies on the tags. But probably there are certain stages that a mp3-collector has to go through until he finds that filenames are only one attribute among many more.
But then again: the Shaq's plea for advice concerned the directories - so I tried to answer that

First let me thank you both! and for the reply:

That's exactly what I am trying to do, the problem is choosing those listening behaviors, and put the right songs on each...
Currently I am relaying on the folder structure to choose my playlist. I guess I just need time to unleash all ID3's advantages and than everything would be simpler...

What would be the right structure for this kind of music?

I didn't mention it on my original post, but I am just working on it, at the end I hope all of my music files would be fully and properly tagged including album arts. I just wanna focus on both things together to finish the task as fast as possible.