Foo_run for running another media player

I was looking at getting Foobar2000 but I want to be able to run either another version of Foobar or a different media player that outputs to headphones so I can preview a track on headphones while Foobar is playing a track to speakers. I posted on hyrogenaudio's forum:-

It was suggested that foo_run might work.

Can someone tell me if foo_bar can be used from within Foobar2000 to start another media player that will play the track? For example, right-click on a track and get an option to 'preview' it, which start the other media play that is setup to output to headphones.

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I use foo_run to start songs form foobar with the VLC media player.

For Foobar/foo_run, I have the following settings:

File > Preferences > Tools > run services
Label: Play in VLC
Path: "C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" --no-playlist-enqueue --one-instance "%_path%"
Simultaneous runs: 1

In the VLC player, I have made the following settings to avoid multiple instances of the vlc player:

Tools > Preferences > Interface > Instances:
[yes] Allow only one instance
[no] Enqueue files when in one instance modus

To use it in foobar: right-click on a track > Run Service > Play in VLC.
In addtion I have made an button for this in foobar right next to the play button.

I have found the foo run commands for vlc here:

Thank you for that. Your instructions were very clear and I got it all working. Much appreciated. Now I have to figure out what I need to do to get VLC to output to headphones while foobar is playing to speakers. If I bought a set of USB headphones, how could I configure VLC to you that output?

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Actually, I just remembered, I have two 3.5mm headphone jacks on my laptop, which is great. However, I have no idea how to configure foobar and vlc to use a specific jack. Any suggestions?

Go to Tools > Preferences and select all at Show settings at the down left corner.
Then go to Audio > Output modules > Direct X and select your USB headphones at Output device.

for the two headphone jacks, maybe also there when the belong to two soundcards.

In foobar it's File > Preferences > Playback > Output where you can select a soundcard at Device.

Thank you again! I haven't got the sound output working separately yet because although I can see two entries 'independent duel headphones', I can't make them act independently with only foobar on one and vlc on the other. It would probably work if I bought a set of usb headphones I guess.


So i guess they belong to one sound card. I don't know, maybe the soundcard itself has settings where you can do this.

I have a very cheap usb-3.5mm audio adapter, which has the size of a usb stick and seems to function as a external soundcard. For this it works like I have described above.