Foo_run (Run services) how to run a .bat file?

In foobar2000 when i use this it runs ok.

"U:......Port. programs..Music\ocenaudio_win64\ocenaudio.exe"

But when i try this it doesn't.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\test.bat"

Also i want to run this .bat file with relative path for portable foobar2000 instalation.

Something like


is this possible?

You will need to ask that with the Foobar team. This has nothing to do with mp3tag.

Ok. I didn't know it. Thank you.

For anyone that might lose his way!!!

For relative path and portable foobar2000 instalation i used this and it works fine.


I think parenthesis must be escaped in foobar, so this should work:

"C:\Program Files '(x86)'\foobar2000\test.bat"

Yes. That's it. So simple but it is working now. Thank you.