Foobar tagging changes - works better with Mp3tag


I think the recent Foobar2000 changes align well with Mp3tag's recent changes and other applications.

•Improved tag compatibility with other software.
◦“Album artist” is mapped to ID3v2 TPE2 like in WMP/iTunes.
◦Support for iTunes “itunescompilation” tags, in MP3/ID3v2 and MP4.
◦ID3v2.3 tags are now written by default since version 2.4 seems to be widely ignored by software vendors.
◦Added support for multi-value WMA tags.
◦Special work-around for "AC/DC" artist in ID3v2.3.

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Ummm, maybe there are a few suggestions for changes to Mp3tag to improve compatibility with the new Foobar change and remain compatible with iTunes:

  • since Foobar now maps TPE2 to %album artist%, does it make sense to now map Mp3tag the same way? I think Mp3tag now maps %albumartist% to TPE2, and I think that made sense at the time to do that, but the latest change by Foobar now results in duplicating %album artist% tag information within Foobar, which creates duplicate information in all headers that reference %album artist% within Foobar. I think if Mp3tag makles this change, then we can avoid this duplication in Foobar and we can delete all %albumartist% tags (assuming one only had an %albumartist% tag for Foobar purposes like me). But f I delete one of these two tags without any change to Mp3tag, then I'm screwed in either or all of Foobar, iTunes, or Mp3tag.

  • since Foobar now maps %itunescompilation% to TCMP, does it make sense to do exactly the same in Mp3tag? If I recall correctly the reason the "itunes" portion of many tags was dropped made sense at the time, but if the compilation flag is fairly unique to iTunes then perhaps it now makes more sense to use the "itunes" prefix on the compilation tag. The alternative is to always maintain two identical tags called "compilation" and %itunescompilation" to maintain compatibility across Mp3tag and Foobar, which isn't terrible, but I'd like to avoid redundant tags where possible.

What do people think?


-I only see this problem if you have used two tags for album artist before. But at the same time it is also no more problem.
If you had ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM ARTIST tags on Mp3 files in Mp3tag, now you can delete the ALBUM ARTIST tag in Mp3tag. Then you have one album artist tag that works in Mp3tag, foobar and itunes (that is the ID3v2 TPE2 frame).

-You don't need two tag fields. It's no problem for all audio formats with ID3v2 tags.
And for other audio files with a different tag format, the Mapping options in Mp3tag can be used to work with only one field.


Dano, you're right, thanks very much. I forgot that what counts is how the applications read and write the frames, and I just need to keep track of what name each application assigns to each frame.

And yes, I was maintaining "albumartist" and "album artist" within Mp3tag, so by deleting the one that is written to the TXXX frame (which is "album artist"), everything should work.

thanks again.

For those who use iTunes, Mp3tag, and Foobar like me, also note that while Foobar will read and write TPE2 and map this frame to "album artist", Foobar will only read TCMP (the compilation tag) - Foobar will not currently write to TCMP frame. In other words, if you try to write a "compilation" or "itunescompilation" tag within Foobar, it will write that to a TXXX frame.