Foobar2000 and Mp3tag present different metadata contents

I get different values when reading metadata in mp3tag and Foobar2000. It's in one of my albums, first time I've come upon it, been using both programs for years and I can't find one value in the other.

see which tag versions (APE, ID3) you read, write and delete.
If you read APE tags but write only ID3 tags, then the tag versions get out of sync.

Everything is checked: Read, write, remove, in both "Mpeg" and "Ape, Mpc..." at the options menu

APE should only be deleted - unless you use replaygain which is often written to APE tags.
The APE, mpc section is only important for real APE files.

I just made this change and reprocessed the files in mp3tag but it didn't change the outcome.

Are these files OK? Or could it be that they have stacked tags and one program reads other tags than the other?
Here are some links to utilities:

and even if foobar is one of them, I would use mp3diags in this case.

Mp3Diags did it for me, it had invalid tags all around, thank you very much!

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