For MKV files, placeholder, %_video_bitrate% is NOT working, and audio bitrate (aka %_bitrate%) is inaccurate

I noticed this last year, but it slipped my mind. For .mkv, or .mka, files, with the presence of a video track, the place holder, "%_video_bitrate%", is NOT working. The place holder, %_video_bitrate%, fails to read the video bitrate of the mkv file, and the %_bitrate% placeholder, which is specific for audio bitrate, is the placeholder that the mkv file uses to display the TOTAL/OVERALL bitrate (verified via MediaInfo.exe). Basically, pertaining to mkv containers, there is an issue with both placeholders %_video_bitrate% and %_bitrate% because audio bitrate (aka %_bitrate%) is replaced by TOTAL bitrate of an mkv file. Nevertheless, there are no issues concerning MP4 containers, and the reason that I am asking is because I created a Column, "TOTAL Bitrate (VIDEO + AUDIO)", of the total sum bitrate of BOTH audio bitrate (aka %_bitrate%) and video bitrate (%_video_bitrate%), which was successful for MP4 files with a video track, but not mkv files with a video track.

COLUMN: Bitrate (AUDIO), for the value, WITHOUT double quotations, is "%_bitrate% kbit/s"
COLUMN: VIDEO Bitrate, for the value, WITHOUT double quotations, is "$if($and($neql($len(%_video_width%),0),$neql($len(%_video_height%),0)),%_video_bitrate% kbit/s,Not Applicable)"
COLUMN: TOTAL Bitrate (VIDEO + AUDIO), for the value, WITHOUT double quotations, is "$if($and($neql($len(%_video_width%),0),$neql($len(%_video_height%),0)),$fmtNum($add(%_bitrate%,%_video_bitrate%)) kbps,Not Applicable)"

Moreover, as you can see, from the attached images, the MKV file column, for VIDEO Bitrate, ONLY displays "kbit/s", and the verification, via MediaInfo.exe, which, in the image, is HIGHLIGHTED/BOXXED in RED, shows what the values should be, while the image, HIGHLIGHTED/BOXXED in BLUE, is for the MP4 file that was verified via File Explorer File Properties, Details tab.


MKV file (IMAGE via Mediainfo.exe):

MP4 file (IMAGE via File Explorer File Properties, Details tab):

Thanks for pointing, I'm aware of this limitation. The reported bitrate via %_bitrate% is an average bitrate calculated based on the size of the file and the duration.

The Matroska file format doesn't contain the bitrates of the individual tracks, so the best way would be to have a decoder for each of the contained codecs. This is beyond the scope of what I want to do with Mp3tag.

I might find a way to use the Matroska Clusters to estimate the actual bitrate and will keep you posted.

No worries, sir. Thank you