For some mp4 videos impossible to edit tag, plus mp3tag sees no length, no bitrate, no frequency..etc

Hello all,

Hmm i have a weird problem with some mp4 videos.

Normally i use mp4 to tag, and it all works well with mp4.

Except that now i got some videos (legally) they are supposed to have the ids written and bunch of stuff..
but when i check them in mp3tag. Nothing.
Impossible to edit tag "unable to open fil" -> i checked if files were read only or not.

i browsed the forum but didnt get any results on this kind of problem.

mp3tag dosent sees id info, empty lenght, empty bitrate, empty frequency etc... 0

Weird things is that this happens always with the same files, but not with others ones i got from the same place.

Is it possible to send you the file for you to check why is this going on?

I didnt want to fill a bug report, as i am not sure it is a bug.
But this files play fine, audio and video, and one other software do recognizes the tags and others infos.. so i dont get what is going wrong.

Thank for the info.

Some MP4s are corrupt so that they do not show decent tag info. Happens to mp3s also.
Try to rewrite/reencode them.

Hi, and thanks for the reply.

Yes if i re-encode them it works.
But the thing is that those videos came directly from a pool, and they have the id3 tgas, written, the bmp info and others infos...
and if i re-encode them i loose all the info on it, no?

thanks again

You can die only one death: either you can retrieve and edit the information or you can't and are stuck with the already supplied info ...