Forced to upgrade?

Today I go to use MP3Tag (ver 2.39) and a dialog box comes up saying

"This version of MP3Tag was released some time ago ......

Do you want to download the new version?"

If I say NO it STILL asks me next time I use it and the time after that. How long does this go on?

I cannot find anyway to turn this off.

Are you in fact forcing people to upgrade with a nag screen? Very uncool.

If this is not the case I apologise but I hate software which does this. I used another piece of software that had the same sort of nag screen that rendered it useless because it was no longer developed. So as soon as you stop releasing new versions it becomes crippled a few months later.

If your software phones home then there should be an option to turn that off, either way it sucks.

Again I apologise if there is an easy fix for this.

As soon as you choose Yes, Mp3tag won't ask again. It only opens the download web site in your default web browser, so you're not forced to update.

On a side note: Mp3tag does not phone home. Instead, Mp3tag contains a small check which is performed on start-up and checks the current system date against a fixed expire date. As soon as the expire date is reached, the small message pops up and the user is asked to download the current version of the application.

So instead of forcing you do update the application, I'm forcing me to release a new version within a given time frame.

Thanks for the explanation, all is forgiven