Ford Sync

I have not put this in "support" because I suspect it's not an Mp3tag problem, so sorry if it's in the wrong section.

I'm having a problem with mp3 playing on my usb stick via ford sync

I have mp3s that are in a folder and sync will only play them in alphabetical order.. I have prefixed them with numbers and set the track tag to 1/67,2/67 etc but they still only play alphabetically, I've even made up an album name so they all appear to be on the same album.

I have one folder that does play in the correct order and so I have renamed my files and set the tags on my other files to replicate the ones in this folder but they still only play alphabetically.

I'm wondering if there is a tag set in the ones that play correctly that is not showing up in Mp3tag so that I can't edit it in the other files?

Any help much appreciated as this is really annoying me now.


There are no mysterious fields that lead to an alphabetical order.
You do not tell us, if you refer to the filename or the actual fields.

I assume that you have filled the tags.
I would try the following:
Rename the files with
(so there are no leading zeros)

If that does not help then try:
Action of the type "Format tag-field" for TITLE
Format string: %album%$num(%track%,2)%title%

If all that does not help, check, what kind of tag versions you have in the files. There should only be V1 and V2.3, no APE.
Other options to check: use mp3val (freeware) and mp3diags (freeware) to check the integrity of the files.

Thanks ohrenkino

Sorry I wasn't more clear.

I have prefixed the filenames : 01 - blahblah, 02 - blahblah etc, I have also tried this with no leading zeros.

I have set the tags ARTIST, ALBUM, TRACK (1/67,2/67 etc), TITLE

tags are ID3(V2.3)

Anyway I have tried your second suggestion and prefixed the TITLE tag with the track number and this seems to have worked.. thank you again.

however that still does not explain why one folder was playing correctly anyway because the files in this folder do not have a prefix in the TITLE tag.. weird
oh well just one of those little mysteries I suppose. At least I can now get them playing in the order I want.

Thanks again