Ford SYNC2 to SYNC3

I prepared myself (with mp3Tag obviously) collection of my favorite CDs in mp3 320, specially with cover photos embedded. On SYNC3 (Microsoft on Windows Mobile) device everything was ok. Week ago I changed SYNC2 to SYNC3 (new Ford auto-system designer by BlackBerry with QNX) and everything is ok too expecting this cover photos. SYNC3 uses Gracenote service to receive all information about played art but when this option is disapled it take info from local QDB database called Gracenote. But there's swich in options to choose source: Gracenote or player. I set this option to player but still can't get cover photos from inside of my mp3.
Could you help, any idea?

I doubt that MP3tag has anything to do with converting CDs to MP3.

Which tag versions does the target system support?
Which tag versions are in the files?
Does the target system support embedded pictures at all?
Are the pictures really embedded in the files or are they stored in folder.jpg files?
Is there a maximum size for pictures in respect to dimensions?
Is there a problem with character encoding?

These are my ideas for investigation.

Thanks for quick answer but I think it is not a simple matter, but:

Which tag versions does the target system support?

 nobody knows, there's no any information

Which tag versions are in the files?

full info attached picture (from Mp3tag and MusicBrainz Picard)

Does the target system support embedded pictures at all?

 the same answer but the problem is more complicated:

    - SYNC3 is based on online connection with Gracenote
       to get and show quick info about played song (let's say song)
    - when connection is turned off (as in my case)
      it takes info about song from local database (operating system QNX 
      and QDB database)
    - if such a information is in the database SYNC3 display
      info but if not display e.g. own standard picture for type of song e.g. pop

 I know this through several experiments :-) with small copy of this database
 from service (upgrade) ford package

 And I'm sure it isn't problem of picture format because in the end I copied one picture
 from database BLOB to the local jpg file and write it to my mp3 - without result

All other info from tags (I mean Title, Composer, Album, etc.) I can see
on the SYNC3 screen only picture not

Are the pictures really embedded in the files or are they stored in folder.jpg files?

you can find the answer in attached picture

Is there a maximum size for pictures in respect to dimensions?

? I tried different sizes e.g. prompted 170 x 170 - without result

Is there a problem with character encoding?

Sorry, no picture shows the tag versions that are in the files.
Either you should show the column for tags or the extended tags dialogue.
If the target system only supports V1 tags then you will never see any pictures.

In respect to tags in the files, it does not help to hear about external databases.

I think you have to put a cover.jpg to the album-folder if you set the option to player.

I just found this external page on Ford Sync:

perhaps some more configuration is required.
Anyway: we have a local problem that is due to your setup. YOu have to determine the parameters and properties that you need and then MP3tag can probably help you to adapt the files.

I tried to obviously - no result (with name "cover.jpg", "album.jpg", .jpg and .jpg)

Hm... I thougth that info about tags in this file is visible in picture one (Mp3tag screenshot) in column Tag "ID3v2.3(ID3v2.3)". If not what should I do to get this information? I can send this mp3 file simply but tell me how could I do that.

Yes it is my feeling also. Mp3 files appear to be valid and probably something should be "set" but there's no information "what" in manuals and nobody in ford service support can help even. That's why I'm looking for help on your forum, eventually I'm Mp3tag user :slight_smile:

Yesterday I checked it more closely and now I'm sure that SYNC3 displays the cover from internal DB if album cover is present but if it is not the image based on the type of track (column Genre in Mp3tag).

You can filter for files that really have an embedded cover with
%_covers% PRESENT

or for those that don't:
%_covers% MISSING

I'm sure all mp3 are with pictutes inside because it was ok with SYNC2 in my ford.

Then I don't understand why some files show pictures and others don't.

A picture file may have metadata, just like an audio file.
When Mp3tag embeds a picture in an audio file, the metadata in the picture file is maintained.

It is possible that audio files may have embedded pictures that are missing metadata required to allow the pictures to be displayed by the player.
For example:
My car (Honda Accord) will not display embedded album art unless the embedded picture has these tags:
JFIF:ResolutionUnit: inches
JFIF:XResolution: 72
JFIF:YResolution: 72

The player does not display album art for audio files containing embedded pictures without these tags.

Well it's probably my fault, my english.
Again all the pictures are displayed from database none from mp3 file

E.g. my tags are like in picture. Your suggestion is to add 3 tags like in the second picture?
Size is not correct but tags should be as you prompt, but what about this size 72 inches?

MP3 tags are not picture properties.
You should check if the embedded files have the properties that user ryerman describes and whether that helps.
As MP3tag does not do anything about the pictures but only embeds them, you have to check the picture properties with an external application like exiftool.
So you probably have to export the picture files first.

Considering your knowledge about the various metadata schemes, I still would like to see the result of the filter to check if the pictures are actually embedded or not.
Also, if there are some files that get pictures and others that don't: what is the difference?

Those tags are used in image files, not audio files.

My suggestion is that the picture file may need to be tagged correctly before it is embedded.
I do not suggest that any tags, other than the picture, should be added to the audio file.

Players may require specific tags in the embedded picture. Mine does. Maybe yours does too.

Exiftool , the tool that ohrenkino mentioned, can be used to tag the image files before they are embedded.
The support is very good; the learning curve is steep.

But don't forget to check your filters!

Checked, picture size 2 x 2 inches, 3 additional tags as you prompted. Nothing new, no embedded picture.

Sorry, I'm unsure what you mean.
I am not sure that you have tagged the picture files before they were embedded. I hope you read post #17.
If you want me to look, you can upload an example file in your next post or provide a link to a file sharing service.

It was just a wild guess that re-tagging the embedded image files would solve your problem. We don't have the same cars so it is likely the players are also different.

As you have found, the documentation about displaying audio metadata in automobile players is not always complete.
I luckily found 1 audio file that displayed album art in my car's player among thousands that didn't.
That allowed me to work backwards and solve my problem.

It must be very annoying if SYNC3 broke something that worked with SYNC2.
Chances are, you need only one file that works properly to unravel the mystery.
Good luck. :slight_smile: