Forgot name of custom tags for FLAC files

C drive was getting corrupt, backed up several subdirectories and wiped the partition, reinstalled Windows. Sadly, did NOT back up the AppData structure that has MP3Tag settings in it.

For my big FLAC collection had added 3-4 custom tags, I can't remember the names I used. Can I tell that by looking at a tagged file, look for the values? Are the tag names in the files or only in MP3Tag configuraiton? How do I browse that information?

I am NOT seeing the fields in question in "extended fields" list.


That means that the tags are not in the file or that what you set up were values that got computed at runtime.
If you know which file had such a tag field, tne field name is visible in the extended tags dialogue for files that contain that field

So a way would be to load all the files, select them and then open the extended tags dialogue.

I tried that before I posted, and it seemed to not work. So I went back and tried it again after you confirmed what I seemed to remember, still nothing non-standard in the "extended fields".

I dug around on the internet and found metaflac, from, its --list function did the trick, my two custom fields were in comment[41] and comment[42]. Used that information to add new column names to MP3Tag, and all of that's back where it should be.

Thank you!

On an unrelated note, ohrenkino, are you affiliated with duke span?

So if you select any of the actual files with one of these special comment fields, and open the extended tags display, these fields do not show up? But after you create a field in the column viewer they do? Seems strange to me since the extended tags view should show all fields available to mp3tag.

No, sorry. I don't think so.
I am still puzzled how you could have custom tag columns that show up in the file list but not in the extended tags dialogue.

Well, setting up a column for a tag field doesn't mean that files contain that field. So the question is not so much whether such a column exists as whether content for this column is also displayed in the list view.

My guess is simply that the expanded tag view was selected for a file that doesn't contain this field at all.

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The OP claims to have selected all files ...

so the mystery remains.

Well, the immediate problem is resolved, I found the info.

The mystery of why I'm pretty sure I've seen MP3Tag DO what you suggested and why I can't reproduce it remains.

I mean, just to soothe our troubled minds - can't you show us a screendump that shows the single selected file in the file list in the background with the data visible in the custom column and with the extended tags (Alt-T) dialogue open in the foreground?


Yes, working on adding comments to screenshots now.

What I see in MP3Tag after adding the custom fields:

What metaflac shows for the first file:

The upper and lower parts of the extended fields picker while these files were loaded:

Did you select all the files and pressed Alt-T?
Alt-T opens the extended tags dialogue - and that should show all the tag fields that have been found in all the files (even if a field appears only once).
So, apparently we had different thoughts of what the extended tags dialogue could be.
The list of fields is filled with fields that you actually edit.

Let the troubled minds be soothed, at least on this topic.

Boom, there they are:

I have not used Alt-T, I've always picked from the panel info selector or the fild column selector, neither of which show the same information.

Now I know a new thing!

This Alt-T window is the Extended Tags window that was mentioned earlier in the thread. If you had selected those same files and opened this window, you would have been able to see those fields there, even without adding the columns.