Form to edit all tag fields for a track

even if i have LHS edit panel open, i do not see a way to simply edit all tag fields at once - for a single track that is

in fact Musicbee seems to give me much easier way to edit all individual tags

i have screen all tracks list, but that only lists selected fields and is not a way to edit all tag fields for a track

If you feel better with Musicbee - fine.
Honestly, I do not understand what you mean by

Do yu mean all the tag fields that you consider to be important?
Perhaps a look at the documentation helps:

no. i mean ALL tag fields

just had a look at Optins - Tag Panel

are half the tag field names MEANT to have ampersands embedded in the name?

eg tit%le

I still don't know what you mean by

You find a list of supported fields in

but I bet that you do not use all of them.
You can add an element for each of the supported fields in the tag panel.

Please note, that an empty field does not exist in a file. So there is not "table" or something in the tag that needs to be filled in. You simply add the fields as you need them. And if you need more - customize MP3tag so that it meets your needs.

... but you did not have a look at the linked topic, right?
because that says
" If you’re using the ampersand & character in the name of a tag field, the following character will be available keyboard shortcut in combination with the Alt key."

I also use MusicBee, as a player. The tag editor there has several tabbed pages as well, broken down by the common characteristics. So even there you have to make some choices when editing your tags. Plus it forces changes to split some fields automatically, with no option to disable this. So my preference remains with mp3tag for doing all of my tag updates.

You can easily add any and all tag fields that you feel are relevant for your needs in the tag panel, and even remove any you don’t use. For any selected file(s) in the list, you can update and change any of these fields all at once, prior to saving them.

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until it was mentioned above, i was not aware of tag panel (and when i searched in Manual for ;edit tags', that did not come up), so definitely worth looking at and massaging.

i think there is still an issue of how you FIT so many tags in a row-based format; nonetheless the row-based format has definite advantages too.

kind regards

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