Format _DIRECTORY (Crossover v9.1 Mac OS X 10.6.5)

Help please,

I have been trying to get this action item to work on my Mac for awhile now and have not had any luck. I have tried countless numbers of placeholder combinations and also relative and absolute paths and still cannot get the _DIRECTORY folder to rename. I have no problem editing the folder path by using the field _FILENAME, but I need all other files to move over as well (m3u, nfo, sfv files etc.)

Action: Format Values
Formatstring: %artist%\%album%

I have no problem getting this to work on my PC, but unfortunately all my music is on my Mac and I would like to keep it there.

With that said, does anyone have any suggestions on a work around here? Any mac users out there able to accomplish this?

Any suggestions that you may have will be GREATLY appreciated.

I think that the MAC filenames do not use the backslash as directory separator. I think it is the colon : - which is the separator for drives in windows.

So I guess, it is technically impossible to rename paths on a Mac with a program using Windows conventions. But I am not quite sure

Additionally, the backslash has a special meaning in MP3tag's regular expressions which is to mask other special characters. If you want to mask the masking character you would have to apply two of them:

this is wrong. %artist%\%album% is enough.

yes, it appears that mac actually uses "/" as their directory separator. Wouldn't that mean that I should at least be able to use a relative path string? Even as simple as %artist% ?

Anyone have any other suggestions?