Format _DIRECTORY question


I am new to MP3Tag, and have been experimenting with it today as I am re-organising my music collection :music: . I want to rename every album folder to "(year) album name"

Assuming tags are OK, I've found you can do this via the format action value:

string (%year%) %_directory%

This works great, but I would like to be able to preserve the original folder's creation/modification timestamps. I assume the above command creates a new folder and does away with the old, can I modify it so it simply renames the original folder (thus preserving the stamps)?

Thanks a lot, your program is really impressive!


I don't know exactly, but I don't think so.

If this information is important for you, maybe you can use one of the following placeholders for the directory name. Unfortunatelly these placeholders exist only for file creaction/modificaton time, but in most cases this will corespond to the direcorty creaction/modificaton time.

Thanks for the advice pone, much appreciated.

To be honest it's not that big an issue, I have found some alternative solutions using reNamer and a pascal script, but it's not as tidy and flexible as MP3Tag.

I've been using MP3 Tag Tools for years, this is so much more involved - source tagging is very impressive :slight_smile: Is there any way you can batch queue folders for source tagging (say, from or does it have to be manual/hand picked?

Thanks again,


Web source requests have to be done separately and can't be queued.
This request feature turns up here more and more. I think it could be possible to do something which always gets the first web source match and selects this for tagging. Would be not very precise,though. A more advanced approach would be to check for some matching before tagging, at least number of tracks.
Personally I won't use it because what I love most at web scripts is that you can controll them to give you the exact data. Even if the number of tracks is matching, you have lot's of album which come with different release years, different labels, different track orders and also different tracks in different editons. And with mp3s I often have albums/folders where the tracklist has been messed up or some tracks from other albums have slipped in. All these things would not be detected by batched web source requests and you would end up with albums that have more wrong tags than before.