Format Directory than Format Filename

Using format directory to move files to new location, than trying to create Disc Folders using format filename in the newly created directory location however:

Format Directory - moves folder to new location
Format Filename - generates Disc folders but pulls files back to original location to do so?

Why is that and how can I achieve my end result without having to pull the new directory folder into MP3tag and than run the format filename?

see Moving all files (including non mp3) and rename if required

I did try absolute paths as well as some options suggested by Dano/Damage after searching the previous entries in the forums dating all the way back to the love there either.

Like this one from 2010:
Format Value
Format string: %_folderpath%$if($geql(%discnumber%,1),CD $num(%discnumber%,1),)%_filename%

however this one created folders with the complete folderpath which is not what I was after...

Was hoping to get some new insight by asking again...

I think that it is still true that actions to rename files or folders are always executed last in a row of actions.
So, the simplest way would be to start the action for folders apart from the one for filenames.
But you already got that advice.

You sound almost annoyed that I am looking for alternate ideas?

A fresh pair of eyes or ideas doesn't hurt...

I spent considerable time working on this via knowledge and forum queries:
See Compilation Volume...

Than someone suggested something to someone else in the forums and I was able to basically boil it all down to:
See Forum Suggestion Compilation...

obviously much cleaner and easier...

I am just looking at options and/or a different perspective...Apologies if you seem put out by this as that was not my intent as you are a wealth of insight.

You have attached a picture, which shows this format string ...

$mid(%album%, (Hands|Festival|Sampler|Compilation|Volume),999)

This looks as an improper usage of the function $mid(string,startposition,length).

Within this regular expression ...

$regexp(%album%,'^.* (Volume \D+).*$','$1')

... there is applied the placeholder \D, ... which specifies a non-digit-value, ...
is this intended?

To move a file to a new location and define folders, you may apply such a formatstring ...
Action: Format Value ... on field: _FILENAME ...

'M:\MUSIC\_NEW\'$upper($left($if2(%ALBUMARTIST%,%ARTIST%),1))'\'$if2(%ALBUMARTIST%,%ARTIST%)'\'[$left(%YEAR%,4)' - ']$if2(%ALBUM%,'Unknown')'\'%_filename%


So basically I have bastardized this function however it does exactly what I need it to do and I do not require one function for each item (Hands|Festival|Sampler|Compilation|Volume|Part)..however as it does work I think that I will not be trying to correct my error...

Guess sometimes the easiest way to do something is by accident...

Yes, you did some sort of fake here.

Ok, each one according to his personal form ... put some botch in .. and it gives botch out.

I am still of the opinion that you gave us a totally improper example of applying the Mp3tag Scripting language.


I completely agree: I tried it with
$mid(%album%, (Diary|Festival|Sampler|Compilation|Volume),999)
for an Album called "Ambient.Diary One"
and it returns nothing.

It would seem that I owe you both an apology. I went back and took another look at the action itself and ran it singularly ....and you both are 100% correct, this actually does nothing at all....
When I entered this I added it to a UTILS action grouping that had an action that already populated the guess value I mistook this as the action that did sincerest apologies