Format-independent album artist

In /t/7216/1 I requested there be added an Album Artist placeholder that works across all formats. This has become more urgent for me because the workaround for the current %BAND%/%ALBUMARTIST% muddle means I now have to have scripts in two different versions, for WMA/MP3 v. FLAC. Also this issue forces the tracklist to split Album Artist across two columns.

I ask again: please please can we have an Album Artist placeholder that works across all formats i.e. translates to %BAND% on WMA and MP3 and to %ALBUMARTIST% on FLAC. This really is a basic requirement given that Mp3tag aims to be a (near-)universal tag editor.

I pledge 40euro for this addition. Please other users, add your pledges. Thanks.

Count me in for the same.
I too am struggling with the Band tag in FLAC, see my post /t/8519/1

One question remains though: should it be "ALBUMARTIST" or "ALBUM ARTIST" for FLAC? I use now the second option which is also used by WinAmp ...

Count me in for the same.

Great! That's 80e. Any more?

One question remains though: should it be "ALBUMARTIST" or "ALBUM ARTIST" for FLAC?

Or "albumartist". AFACK there is no standard. I think we need a list of the preferences of the major FLAC-using programs.

Well I still haven't got around to trying this but it looks absolutely great. Thanks Florian! 40e is on the way.

Now that I do get around to trying it, I find there is a user mapping option but still there is no default placeholder for Album Artist that works across formats.

Or have I missed something?

Yes. There is no default simply because there is no agreed standard on this. But the mapping option allows you to specify a mapping from the format-specific name to a common name that is used in Mp3tag.

I agree there is no interoperability standard, but the lack of default stops the non-technical user enjoying an INTRAoperability too.

E.g. I am promoting Mp3tag as the tool for importing metadata ( ) but I have the absurd situtation of having to tell the user to use a different Mp3tag format string for testfile-tag depending on his audio format - MP3 v FLAC. That is because Mp3tag still does not have a single native placeholder for AlbumArtist. Asking these non-techy users to change the default config in the mapping is not acceptable, since it breaks other functionality (as I have reported here) and probably other tagging processes too.

Why cannot Mp3tag simple add a Album Artist placeholder that works across all formats? The user should not have to do this himself. This placeholder would use for non-standand FLAC "ALBUM ARTIST" or "ALBUMARTIST" and any advanced user who doesn't like this can use Mapping to implement his choice. Everyone else will at least get Album Artist stored usably in their files.