format string - inserting character between strings

hi my question is regarding the filename to tag facility, i currently use the following format string:-


my question is how can i insert a hyphen between the two genre strings?, whenever i try to do this it messes up the string format and looses one of the genre's, so for instance i tried this:-

\%genre% - \%genre%\%artist%\%album%\%title%

but this results in only one genre being displayed in the preview below, im sure it can be done just am at a loss as to what to use to force mp3tag to read it as a normal character.

any help most appreciated!.


p.s been using mp3tag for years now and it is THE best mp3tag prog full stop!.

Hi Paul!

There is currently no way of doing this in one step. What you can do is importing the second genre in a temporary field (e.g. %temp%) and copying this value to the actual genre field via a Format value action.

Kind regards,