Format Strings and Actions


Ok here's my problem with MP3tag newer versions and why I remain using the older versions.

I remove a tag. I have the program setup to pick up the artist name and title from the file name. I click on convert from file name to tag. And immediately I get a dialouge box wanting me to choose the artist-title format for each file. There should be a default setting where I don't have to do this. just hit the convert and method and wham - every file in my list gets converted in the selected manner- in my case from filename to artist-tag. I shouldn;t have to select this option for every file.

Previous versions did not have this "problem" All the files wer converted in the same manner


In the comments section I want to add my "Handle" So I set up a COMMENTS Action I formatted the value. But when I select the files and hit actions to fill in the comments field I have to select the Comments field for every file and choose the format value Again, previous versions did not require I do this.

Makes no sense that one would have to do this.

Please return this to the way it was in 2.39 or allow a default value to be set so that everytime we do a conversion we don;t have to go through this. thanks


Mp3tag remembers your previously entered format strings, so the only thing you have to do is pressing the OK button if you don't want to change the format string.