Format Title with and incremental number

Hi folks,
Hope someone can help with my question:
I'd like to add an action that adds a number at the beginning of each track for example:
35 - 01 - Blah.mp3
and next time
36 - 01 - Bleh.mp3

I know how to make the rule but at the moment I have to edit the rule each time and change the first number.
I would ideally like capture my choice of number and put that into the action dynamically.

Hope this makes sense

Unfortunately, you don't tell us how you do it at the moment. That could have been something to build on.

In a function or action that allows a format string, you could use %_counter% as number.
This starts always at "1". So if you need an offset, you have to $add() that offset to %_counter%.

And to be honest:

does not look like the metadata field TITLE but suspicioulsy like the filename.

Hi there.

I didn't explain myself correctly. I have tracks as follows:

01 – Filename.mp3

02 – Filename.mp3


And I want to add a week number at the beginning as follows:

35 – 01- Filename.mp3

35 - 02 – Filename.mp3

Which would increment each week etc

I have built an action as follows:

Actions/Format value/
Field: "_FILENAME"
Format string: " 35 - %title%"

My question is how to increment that number without having to edit the action each time manually.

I would ideally like to get the number by means of the user input (for example) and the result being used in the action.

Hope I have explained better and thanks for any help you can offer



If you use Convert>Tag-Filename then you have the user input. This function also remembers a couple of preferred masks and presents them with an incremental search.
Actions do not have the option to ask for settings while running.