Format value, creating 2 subfolders: unexpected behavior (SOLVED)

The initial path is:
D:\Art\05. Ferrante And Teicher - Popi.flac

My goal:
D:\Art\Ferrante And Teicher\Midnight cowboy\05. Ferrante And Teicher - Popi.flac
(because %artist%: Ferrante And Teicher; %album%: Midnight cowboy)

I tried to achieve it in one step, with an action group.
Action No.1:
Type: Format value
Format string:
Action No.2:
Type: Format value
Format string:

The result, instead of expected:
D:\Art\Ferrante And Teicher\ (no files)
D:\Art\Midnight cowboy\`05. Ferrante And Teicher - Popi.flac

All right. I have tried the following:

  • Two separate actions, instead of 1 action group
  • The same, using Refresh file view button between the 2 actions
  • The same, using Ctrl+T between the 2 actions
  • Formating filename, instead of directory: _FILENAME will $if($and($grtr($len(%album%),0),$not($strcmp(%album%,%_directory%))),$validate(%album%,),)%_filename_ext%
  • Again with action group, formating _DIRECTORY in the first, and _FILENAME in the second action (combined two variants)

The only working solution: restarting Mp3tag between 2 separate actions.

Is this a bug, or programming inevitability?
Is there a solution to achive my goal in one step, without restarting?
Thanks to anyone in advance.

(Conditions: Win7x64hun, standard Mp3tag installation in C:, without using Library function.)

All right, the topic may be deleted. Now it seems to work -- i do not know, how and why. Works my initial variant, the action group. Windows pops up a notification: "A célmappa a forrásmappa egyik almappája:" (The destination folder is a subfolder of the source folder), i click Escape, and that is all. (Before clicking Escape, the planned folder structure is already ready.)

In fact, the seemingly unnecessary pop-up window will remain, but that is not a big problem.

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