Format value of one field (specific context) to move to another

With a clean library it's easy to identify what your looking for.

My problem now is cleaning title fields that have context in there that belong else where. Specifically the Producer being in part of the title field.


01 - artist - title Prod By ****

What we have here is the producer and the " Prod By " (including spaces) clogging up the title field when it belongs in another. Is there a syntax that would solve this issue?

If this is really the TITLE field (as it looks suspiciously like a filename) then I would try an action of the type
Guess values for TITLE
Guessing pattern: %title% Prod By %producer%

This uses "Prod By" as separator and levaes the first part in TITLE but moves the stuff behind the separator to PRODUCER.
The action is case-sensitve.


I was indeed referring to the TITLE field. Thanks for pointing that out.

MP3tag makes these tasks feel like no problem :laughing: