Formatting Complex String

I have 500+ MP3 files of the old radio show "The Whistler". The comment field is written as follows:

The Whistler: MM/DD/YY, Episode NNN

The "NNN" for episode number may be 1, 2, or 3 characters long.

What I'd like to do is sort the files in order of the episode (so I can autonumber the tracks according to the episode order), but can't quite seem to figure out how to do that. If the episode numbers were all three digits, I'd just place them in front of the "The Whistler" and do the sort on the comment field. Unfortunately, the episode numbers can be one, two, or three characters long so if I sort based on them episodes I'll get them all mixed up.

Any ideas on how to address this problem? Maybe there's another way to skin this cat?

Why don't you take the episode number as a track-tag instead of renumbering the files?
Are they not the same numbers?

Define an action:
Type: Guess Values
Source: %comment%
Format String: %dummy%Episode %track%

They aren't quite the same since some episodes are missing.

I'm new to MP3TAG, got caught in what I thought was the only way to achieve what I wanted, and got stuck. THANK YOU for offering a great alternative. :slight_smile: