Formatting Directory structure

Hi guys, I'm new to mp3tag, was forced to use it due to my new mp3 player not supporting APE tagging that I used in foobar... so all my music is properly tagged, but unreadable in my player.

Anyway, I've found what I need in order to embed album art, change over tag details, and rename the files themselves. What I'm having a problem with now, is that I'd like to correctly format my directory structure.

Currently my structure runs as follows (e.g) D:\My Documents\My Music\A\Acrimony\Tumuli Shroomaroom\Acrimony(stoner-psychodel_space-doom)\Tumuli Shroomaroom

D:\My Documents\My Music\K\Kyuss\Welcome To Sky Valley\Kyuss-Welcome To Sky Valley

Now, what I'd like to achieve is D:\My Documents\My Music\A\Acrimony\Tumuli Shroomaroom

D:\My Documents\My Music\K\Kyuss\Welcome To Sky Valley etc.

Not sure how to do that though, I've managed to change the folder name via mp3tag, but not sure how/if it's possible to change higher order folder names, or restrict it's operation to remaining within artist folder etc.

Any help appreciated

You can create a completely new directory structure via the converter Tag - Filename using a format string with an absolute path, e.g.,

D:\My Documents\My Music\$left(%artist%,1)\\%artist%\\%album%\\%_filename%