Formatting help %file_create_datetime%


I have been using mp3tag for a quite a long time to organize my music in Traktor (since Traktor doesn't read "Date Created" tags for mp3 files).

In mp3tag v2.63, I used the "Actions" feature to format the "Comment" value of an mp3 file to "%file_create_datetime%" so that I can organize my music chronologically in traktor. I have just gotten a new computer and used mp3tag v2.72 to do the same thing but it gave me little bit different results.

I usually got (from mp3 v2.63): YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss PM/AM
But now I get (from mp3 v2.72): MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss PM/AM

Using the v2.72 version will make it hard to "alphabetically" organize my music chronologically in Traktor.
Any fixes to this?

Mp3Tag depends on your region settings (Control Panel) in Windows.
You can set the date-format individually.

There you can find links to forum posts, which might be of interest ...


Thank you!