Formatting Title Tag

Hi I would like to know if there is any action "am sure there is :smile:" to format the title value.

The form is: Jackie Chan - M-22 Remix (Dirty)

Result should be: Jackie Chan (M-22 Remix) (Dirty)

Also i am not sure if this makes any difference but i want to do the same to songs which they don't have the
(Clean) or (Dirty) at the end, for example:

Original Value: Don't Leave Me Alone - Oliver Heldens Remix

Result should be: Don't Leave Me Alone (Oliver Heldens Remix)

Create an action that replaces the dash-blank with "(".
Create a second action that replaces the "Remix" with "Remix)".
You can have both actions in a single action group.

F**k, this is so simple... :laughing:

Thanks for the help once again!

But I have a problem if the word at the end is different

Example: Pricey - Club Hack Hype Intro (Clean)

Or when the title is like that: Tiguere - DJ Drew Remix (Short Edit - Clean)

Changes to: Tiguere (DJ Drew Remix) (Short Edit (Clean)

But i wanted to be: Tiguere (DJ Drew Remix) (Short Edit - Clean)

I can understand the i can do the same as for the "Remix" word for any of the words like "intro" or "Edit"

then i would have this results:

Pricey (Club Hack Hype Intro) (Clean)

Tiguere (DJ Drew Remix) (Short Edit) (Clean)

MP3tag does not read but treats patterns.
These patterns usually consist of letters and other printable characters.
If the patterns do not match the search criteria - nothing happens.
If the patterns are not unique then the changes happen as often as the pattern is detected.
You can limit the number of treated files with a filter, so that in that filtered selection a pattern is unique again.
Otherwise, you get perfect examples of the GIGO principle.

And another note: the brackets are probably not the best separators for otherwise non-title data as the brackets can also be part of ordinary language writing
(e.g.: Pink Floyd: Pigs (three different ones)).
So if you regularly find a classification like "edit", "remix", "dub" etc., I would consider e.g. {} as separators.
The same applies to "(clean)" which seems like an awful lot of letters for just a single property.

To sum it up: the cases where the original actions failed are an indicatior for me that the patterns should be streamlined so that they become unique each for a special purpose.