Formatting title with Parentheses

  1. If anyone can assist me in dealing with Parenthesis on mp3 file names.

Ex: Title: Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams) --> Want to use TAG-> TAG conversion to format the title to %title% and %artist% eliminating the parenthesis.

-> I have tried Guess Value to no Avail. I want to do this via Reg Expression.

  1. Also, Is there a simply way to simply trim the data from title and keep only the artist.

I am able to trim (Bryan Adams) from title & make it "Summer of 69" via:
-> Convert Tag To Tag: $regexp(%title%,'\s*(.+?)',)

I want do to reverse. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

The Guess value action for TITLE with
Guessing pattern %title% (%artist%)
would be the easiest solution.
You cannot put data into 2 separate fields with a regexp in one go.
You can extract parts of the complete data first into one field, leaving the source unchanged and then remove the transferred data from the source.
So it is at least 2 steps - which could be done in one step with the guess value action.

To get the artist from title with tag-tag select ARTIST as field
Format string: $regexp(%title%,.((.)),$1)

.*\((.*)\) might be better replaced with .+?\((.*?)\)(\s*) in case there's more than one set of curly brackets. And replaced with $1$2.

Resulting in. $regexp(%title%,.+?((.?))(\s),$1$2)

With the greedy method .((.)), files like:

Title name (info1) other info (info2) other info (info3)
Title name (info1) other info (info2)
Title name (info1)

Will only extract:


Whereas $regexp(%title%,.+?((.?))(\s),$1$2):

Title name (info1) other info (info2) other info (info3)
Title name (info1) other info (info2)
Title name (info1)

Will extract all info inside curly brackets with spaces:

info1 info2 info3
info1 info2

Just another way to skin a cat.