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I'm having a problem searching the forums. No matter what search term I put in I don't get any results, even for very common terms like "tag" or "mp3". Initially I was able to perform some searches, but after maybe 10 or so it seemed to stop working. Any ideas why, or what I might be doing wrong? Thanks,

search terms must have at least 4 characters, so "mp3" does not work
And did you read [ Advanced Usage Help ] ?

Thanks for your tip. Yes, I read the Help, so I know how to use "+tag +filename" to find posts with both terms. (BTW, the help says nothing about the 3 char limit.)

What confused my efforts to understand the issue is that pages returned by a search highlight the search term even if the terms weren't actually used. So, for example, if you search on "+tag +filename", the pages that are returned will have all occurrences of "tag" and "filename" highlighted, but tag wasn't actually used to limit the returned pages.

This limit to 4 char words seems a shame given that perfectly useful search terms on this forum include mp3, m4a, id3, ape, and so on. But I imagine it's built into the forum software (and for obvious performance reasons.)

One way to circumvent this is to use "m4a*" with the star operator on the end of the three-character word.

I'm shure the admins must work some times more than optimal because users can't find already discoussed themes due to not perfect forum search engine - they (as I) must ask again and again.

Advanced Usage Help writes: +apple +juice Find posts with both words.
But when I search for +csv +vertical +tab, I get inadequate results - pages with only tab, without containing csv and/or vertical.

If forum search engine will be so good as Mp3tag, Florian could spend more time on developing instead of forum. :slight_smile: