Forums move completed


I’ve just finished the migration of our forums to Discourse.

I felt that the move was necessary, mainly because

  • I was more and more uncertain about the security status of the previous forums software,
  • I was deleting spam accounts on a daily basis, often already before the bots hit the site,
  • I wanted to have something which works good on mobile,
  • I was impressed by the modern feel of Discourse and the many features.

Over the last 2 weeks, I was working on a converter for topics, posts, urls, users and attachments — I hope that everything works now. It's a quite impressive knowledge base!

If you have difficulties in getting started, please browse and/or post at the Site Feedback category. I’m also interested in any comments you have regarding the new community software and I hope that we continue making this a good place on the internet :slight_smile:

If you cannot login, please reach out via email and we’ll get you onboard.

Kind regards
— Florian


Unfortunately I have seen some miss-migration of the old posts

Shall users report them to you?


Yes, you can send links via PM.


Had to change my password since old one was to short according to Discourse, but other than that.... So far so good.



  1. Could not log in (Username: tablerocker, Password 20 characters containing small, capital, numbers, special characters)
  2. The email link you provide doesn't contain an email adress (only forum, twitter and postal adress), so I had to register new
  3. Regularly get error "Cannot load app
    It looks like you are offline! Please check your network connection and try again.". Especially when opening tabs in the background or opening from external source like email program. Firefox 58.0.2 (64-Bit). Page refresh helps.
  4. Cannot view anything without Javascript, there's not even a note.
  5. Site looks like designed for mobile. Unintuitive structure for desktop and personally I hate the infinite scroll. I am not the only one.

In my eyes a simplemachines .org forum would have done better. Easy to setup, easy to maintain, opensource and yes, it has responsive layout support.

I don't want to sound too negative, so despite of the forums, mp3tag is a great program and I love it, thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback!

Have you tried the "I forgot my password" feature? It should be easy to reset the password this way.

Not sure what you mean by that. Can you post a screenshot?


Have you tried the “I forgot my password” feature?

No, because I didn't want to reset my password. It's hard to guess new secure passwords that are still rememberable.

It should be easy to reset the password this way.


Can you post a screenshot?



When logging in for the first time, I got a message regarding an account activation email that was sent to me. Just thought I would mention, I never received any account activation email.

However, when logging in, I was given the option to resend the account activation email, so now all is ok.


Florian, thank you. :pray: :slight_smile:

Yes, need to minimize time on bots and spam.

best regards,
Brian [in Durban,SA :sun_with_face: ]


Me again.
Can't delete this surplus account as the old one "tablerocker" works again now.

As I can't see any forum help or meaningful forum FAQ (these are the rules, not the FAQ?) I would have googled it how to delete the account, but I can't because I don't know what software this forum is running on.

Deleted and moved to new topic.


You should disable by default "Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom." (in Preferences > Interface).

Pinned topics should stay on top, drowning them in the flow of other topics makes them lose their purpose, and it's very unexpected.


Could @Florian confirm whether users have only a limited time frame to edit posts? Saw this text in a badge I received after editing a post:

This badge is granted the first time you edit one of your posts. While you won't be able to edit your posts forever, editing is always a good idea

From memory this wasn't a limitation of the previous board, where users would often edit older posts for things like updates to script release topic OPs, clarifications (sometimes years after the original post), and improvements to actions (DetlevD is a bit famous for his improvement edits even when the first is good enough).

Edit: checked some older posts of mine and indeed it's not possible to edit them. Was this an intentional decision or just some Discourse default?


I've given some background information on that over here:


Good to know it's had some discussion already, thanks.

Is the main difference between option 1 and 2 that regular users can't currently flag posts and publicly (?) see edits of everyone's posts? I assume admin users can see all edit histories (like individual users can when clicking the pencil icon) regardless of the mode, but maybe that's not the case and why you're leaning more toward option 2.


The main difference is, that with a edit time limit, post vandalism is very unlikely to happen. In the past there where users who decided to replace any of their > 20 posts with, e.g., the text ., which made it very difficult to keep the discussion around those individual posts consistent.

With this new forum, members who want to edit posts that are older than the edit time limit must either convert or have those posts converted to a Wiki post (editable by all members with TL1).


Hmm. It's certainly a trade-off to think about. Enable older posts to be edited at the cost of allowing nearly any other user to also have the ability to edit them.

On the one hand it keeps users accountable to each other for such edits but is there any way for the original poster to be notified of edits that aren't theirs of a post that has been converted to a wiki post? Wondering how edit notifications would be handled, as otherwise the obvious downside is someone could make a stealth edit and no one notice unless they actively checked.


The OP is notified of any edit no matter whether it's a Wiki post or a normal post. This also means that admins and moderators can't do any stealth edits :slight_smile:


I've changed the default to not automatically unpin (and also changed this for all users). There is still the option to enable this via
:gear: Preferences > Interface > Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.


A shame really that so many good sites now want big bright & so uncomfortable to read. Please don't change your help section to look like this. My fav sites ghacks, dedomeido & now here big, & uncomfortable. IMHO


Is not everything these day designed for mobiles? In that east part of Europe of mine something like in ~2012 only under 10% of website loads [o however we will call it] were from non-desktop computers. I know because I was running a website that was not designed with mobiles in mind and though to myself "That is not the priority to be dealt with". And the I checked it something like in ~2015- over half of the traffic for from mobiles

[Of course I guess that in a place like this the traffic is still generated mostly via desktop computers]

I too hate the infinite scroll and despise all that facebook-garbage-youtube-unending-pinterest-stream

But I do not see it as an disadvantage on this forum- at least as long as notifications will work correctly