Frame height and width for WMV

I notice that %_video_height% and %_video_width% were updated to include HEVC, but yet there does not seem to be compatibility with WMV.

Is there a workaround that I can use (even if I have to enter it manually) to get video dimensions for WMV to display in a column the same way that it already does for MP4 and Matroska? Maybe using remapping or something. I don't want to have an entirely separate column just for WMV files when there is already one that exists which works for other video file types.

Seeing as Florian has recognized that MP3Tag is increasingly used by people for video as well as audio, is WMV video dimensions compatibility likely to be added? I would imagine that it's simple to add seeing as MP3Tag can already read WMA tags.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to work around the issue described above?


I think there is no easy suggestion to add those fields.

Mp3tag currently doesn't support WMV directly, so adding support for that would be the first step necessary. However, it's unlikely to happen in the near future — my focus is on other areas of Mp3tag at the moment.