FRAME inspector Axone.jar Commandline args?

Anyone know how to get this ID3 Frame inspector Axone.jar to run via the cmd.exe or if you know of any other I could check out?

e.g. "C:\Users\stevehero\Desktop\Axone.jar" "'%_path%'"


Basically, it's just a little powerful utility to inspect each frame of ID3 versions. Can even read corrupt frames when you might see that ID3v2: !BAD message in Mp3tag.

You might think your tags are lost, they're there but just not readable apart from that one BAD frame.


It is a bit unusual to use. In my opinion, the free Medieval CUE splitter application is also suitable for this purpose: Tools >> Audio file information. I use it mostly to identify, is a field any standard, or TXXX. Good for FLAC and MP3, i have not tried anything else.

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Download a portable Version of Java**, like
"Install" (=extract) it.
Create a new batch file (like run_Axone.cmd) in the same folder as you have downloaded the Axone.jar, including the line
Path_to_your_extracted_portable_JAVA\CommonFiles\Java\bin\java.exe -jar Axone.jar

Press the little "open folder" icon in the upper left corner of the Axone-Java-Window.

** I don't like how Java integrate itself into windows, therefore I prefer a portable version.

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I didn't even have it installed on my system.

I got the 64 bit offline versin of java and created a batch file like so:

@echo off
for /f "tokens=* usebackq" %%F in (`where java`) do (set javaInstallPath=%%F)
"%javaInstallPath%" -jar "C:\Users\stevehero\Desktop\Axone.jar"

If only there was a parameter to open the file like below:

"%javaInstallPath%" -jar "C:\Users\stevehero\Desktop\Axone.jar" "filename"

Thanks for this. I haven't needed it since this post but you never know.