FreeDB/Amazon Get Album Info - Show missing tracks


Hi Florian,

I've seen this in another product so wonder if it is possible for MP3Tag which really would be a killer.

When selecting a series of tracks and pressing the Get Info button (have I said before I love the Flash Get) if there are tracks missing from the selected album all that happens in MP3Tag is we get a "No suitable Entry for ..." message.

It would be nice to have a pop up screen with the album information showing recognised tracks, and those which are missing from the album in another colour - say red.

This could be displayed based on a On/Off switch in the General Options/FreeDB section,
"When Tracks not found - Show Album lsting with missing tracks".

I know this functionality partially exists in the manual "Get Album Information" but this would be great help...



Which product do you mean? I can't imagine how this can be implemented for freedb access based on files (because Mp3tag needs all files from an album to compute the freedb ID).

Best regards,
~ Florian