Freedb How2 step by step please

How do I use freedb to copy info from inserted cd option? I keep getting this error message: No suitable entry found for freedb ID oc125b13. I am new and have no idea what I am doing.

Insert the cd, then use the web source script.
If there is no hit, then the cd is probably not included freedb.

Thanks for the reply. I have ripped the cd but none of the track artist etc... information transferred.
I thought I could put the cd in the drive and transfer track titles artist etc.. so that my music server would have correct album info. not sure what you mean by web source script

There are rippers around that transfer data from freedb while ripping, e.g. cdex.
So I wonder why this has not happened while you ripped that cd.
Once you have ripped the files I think that the search with artist and album is the most effective.

I ripped the cd with my music server and it copied the music just not the track, title, artist, album name info. I thought I read that I could insert the cd in my drive and extract that to the digital file listed as unknown artist unknown album on my server. Just copy the cd information to the digital file,

But other tag fields are filled?!
freedb needs the discid to identify the album. You can get it either from the locally inserted CD or type it in yourself.
And then there is always the possibility that the album is not yet included in freedb.

Mark the files of the album. Then go to
Tag Sources -> Freedb
There you can mark "determine from selected files" or insert the CD and mark "determine from inserted Audio-CD" and click o.k.

If your CD is not an original or an original copy it is possible that you don't get the right ID for search.
In this case you still can search and write artist and album manually.
And theere are a lot of other websources to do that.

What other web sources are you referencing?